Changing the World One Step at a Time: Mind Works International Launches Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Kids

Pakistan is a country full of opportunities but what will set it apart from the rest is when we realize these opportunities and turn them into our strengths. We are a country where the youth, defined as those between 15-29 years of age, currently forms nearly 1/3 of our country’s total population. Out of this hefty number 61% of the above is not working/not seeking jobs. This is where the 2.7 million population of college going kids also exists.

Mind Works International saw opportunity in these dire circumstances. They have seen the start-up and entrepreneurial culture take shape in Pakistan for the last couple of years, but what is really missing is ‘when to sow the entrepreneurial seed in our youth’. The answer that they found was very simple, ‘it should be before they make a career decision’. Hence Mind Works International, an enterprise enabler started by a young and dynamic woman, Noor, started hosting “Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Kids” aimed at students 12 years to 18 years of age who are enthusiastic about the entrepreneurial learning journey.

“Our idea was simple: we wanted kids to go beyond looking at success coming from traditional career options. We wanted them to build their own destiny hence we are working with this stakeholder group in Pakistan to make them job creators rather than job seekers”

 Noorulain, CEO & Founder of Mind Works International 

As part of the Bootcamp, students are given opportunities to take decisions, make choices and learn from experience. The Bootcamp uses experiential learning techniques to develop skills related to critical thinking, problem solving, communication, design thinking, working in a team and self-reliance. Several Bootcamps are already been conducted and more are in the pipeline to shape the ideas into action.

“The way we deliver the training is very different; its not a classroom but a learning hub. We tend to make kids so comfortable that their innovative side outshines. We give them social problems to solve, and trust me the solutions that they come out with, in due time and with the right mentoring, are million dollar ideas in the making,”


Mind Works International is holding the Bootcamp in collaboration with the National Incubation Center so that the learning trajectory goes on. The program offers internships and a mentoring cycle valid for a year for any kid to come. The main focus is to brainstorm ideas and then put them into action.

For more details about the program or to reach to the team executing this, email

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